Houston Concrete

Concrete slabs can be the answer to your foundational issue as they serve to support weight in many instances. Through the installation of these hunks of concrete, you can get the finish you want at a price that's always affordable.


Call our locally owned and operated company today to explain your slab needs and we'll utilize our over 20 years of experience in offering you the solution.


Our sought-after credentials

Slabs also sometimes involve the use of aggregate layers, even meshing, given their functions. You give us the facts, and we'll provide the concrete slab or slabs you need. Rest assured in your decision to hire us as we have the know-how and equipment, excavators, and dump trucks to get the job done! Take pride in our work.

- Garage floors

- Basement floors

- Industrial shop floors

- Patios and porches

- Basketball court

- Tennis court

- A/C unit base

- Poured concrete

- Exposed aggregate

- Broomed/Brushed finish

- Smooth finish

Locations to install your slab

You deserve the best and that's exactly what we offer:  757-898-2806

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